Slums Dunk

Empowering and educating communities
on life skills
through basketball

The Project

Sports have a common language that people around the world can speak. Sports have no borders or limits. Sports bind people together and don’t divide them. Basketball is a sport that anyone can play as long a basket and a ball are available, you can play with any ball and shoes, the only thing that really matter is the motivation to jump for a slam dunk. Basketball in not just about competition, it is a tool that can be easily used to transmit culture, life skills and values.   Slums dunk is a misspelling of the word Slam Dunk where Slums is referring to the several run-down areas of Africa. Slums Dunk aims at improving the life conditions of children and youth living in the marginalized area or community of Africa.  
In 2014 Slums Dunk constructed its first basketball court in the slum of Mathare, Nairobi (Kenya). It is estimated that around 95.000 people live in Mathare, in an area that cover 1,5 square kilometres. Around 50 % of its population is composed by youth and children under 18 facing several problems in accessing basic services such as food, water, electricity and public toilet. There are no other basketball courts in Mathare. Slums Dunk started a basketball Academy involving around 100 children, provide free access to the basketball court and support the life skills education in 10 informal schools of the slum involving around 1000 children under-15. Slums Dunk is expected to replicate and expand its activities in other areas of Africa.


Basketball is the tool we have chosen to involve, mobilize and attract the beneficiaries. Basketball is used on a daily basis to facilitate life skills education in the run-down areas of Africa. Special attention is given to gender balancing and women involvement during the projects activities.



Rehabilitation or construction of basketball court where we identify a lack of quality sport infrastructure


Providing free access to basketball activities to youth and children


Reduce exposure to the context related risks for the young beneficiaries through quality life-skills education


Promote the development of the local communities through awareness and sensitization activities

The Coaches

Slums Dunk was born from an idea of Bruno Cerella, italo-argentinian professional basketball playing for EA7 Olimpia Milano. After reading a book given by the aunt, The Awakening of the leader, he decided to go beyond the basketball played on the Italian Serie A and to do something special for the others.

Bruno Cerella
Italo – argentinian, 194 cm by 93 Kgs of explosive power and energy. He started playing basketball at the age of 4 in Bahia Blanca (Argentina).
Tommaso Marino
Grown in the youth sector of Montepaschi Siena with several appearances in the Italian under 18 and under 20 national team. He is the point guard of Treviglio.
Michele Carrea
Head coach of the youth sector and assistant coach of the senior team at Casalpusterlengo. He is Slums Dunk head coach.
Giuseppe di Paolo
Head coach of the youth sector and assistant coach of the senior team at DNA Chieti. Assistant head coach of Slums Dunk.

Support Us

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